Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Some Colorful Cupcakes Came To Be

Here is the twelve step process that lead to the creation of my Color Run Inspired Cupcakes.

1. Sign up for The Color Run with a bunch of your girlfriends from college and come up with a catchy name for your team.

2. Decide you're staying with Vickie for the after-party Breanna and Matt are having.

3. Instantly feel obligated to bake something for said party because that's how you roll.

4. Be wandering around Hobby Lobby one day and find some pretty colored sugars.

5. Realize it would be adorable to make cupcakes that look like they've been through The Color Run.

6. Make Love & Olive Oil's Fruit-Filled Lemony Cupcakes (and raspberry filling)

7. Make Smitten Kitchen's Cream Cheese Frosting (because it's white like your Color Run shirts and it's the best cream cheese frosting you've ever had and you should know because you're a cream cheese frosting connoisseur)

8. Cut little cones out of your cupcakes to make room for the raspberry filling. (ooh pictures!)

9. Fill cupcakes and replace tiny hats.

10. Frost and decorate by dumping random amounts of different colored sugars on top.

11. Refrain from eating one right away and take to party where everyone will love them, even people who claim to not usually like lemon-flavored things.

12. Don't forget to actually participate in The Color Run!
Lyndsey, Lexie, and moi!

1 comment:

  1. YES! Now I know what to do in the event I am met with another Color Run. Also I've been craving these cupcakes and now I will have the recipes, muhahahahah!

    These cupcakes are the stuff of dreams.