Monday, June 4, 2012

Design: Coffee

If coffee ever becomes self-aware, bands together and decides to take advertising into its own tiny bean-hands, I've got its first campaign covered. I hope coffee remembers that I've been there with it through hot and cold brews, from my first gas station 'cappuccino' to the caramel brevé I ordered this morning from my favorite coffee shop, usually with cream and sugar but even the one time when I was little that my grandma made my brother and I try it black to teach us some kind of lesson.

My sweet fancy graphics were done as Illustrator practice, and the slogan comes from something my cousin said on one of those facebook surveys that used to be popular waaay back about a year ago. Thanks for the inspiration, Danelle!

But really, who that loves coffee would ever argue with this sentiment? I say no one.

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