Monday, September 12, 2011

Primal Challenge 2011 - Day 1

And in this corner, weighing in at 139 pounds and getting pestered by her boyfriend to do it, we have AlwaysGettingLost joining the 2011 Primal Challenge. :) I'm kind of easing into it again, since I've got stuff at home I'm not going to let go to waste just because it isn't primal.

1. Feel better. Eating crap makes me feel like crap, but I keep doing it. No more.
2. Get stronger. My nephews keep getting bigger, and I'm going to want to keep picking them up for hugs, so I'll have to keep lifting heavier things.
3. Look better. I'd like to not feel awkward in a swimsuit for once in my life.
4. Generally eliminate the junk. It doesn't bother me to eat bread or pasta occasionally. Mostly it's my soda/chips/fast food habit that I want to break.

B: Coffee (whole milk, sugar)
     Smoothie (banana, strawberries, orange juice, kale, Greek yogurt, coconut milk)
S: String cheese
L: Salad (romaine, cheese, banana peppers, pepperoni, homemade yogurt/herb salad dressing)
     Hard-boiled egg
     Fruit 2O Water (Peach flavor)
     2 prunes
S: Iced coffee (half&half, simple syrup)
D: Zuppa Toscana (sausage, kale, pasta, chicken broth, heavy cream)
S: Frozen peaches

~4 hours, lots of waking up from street noise

~10 minutes at lunchtime


My first ever green smoothie! (Pre-blending, obviously.)

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