Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: Skillet: Rustic. Urban. Food.

Part I of  The Happy Day I Got to Try Lots of New Food

A couple weeks ago, my friend Karla and I decided to meet up for brunch to try Skillet for the first time. Justin (sad that he had to go to work instead) and I went our separate ways bright and early Saturday morning, and I headed south at the behest of the Australian gentleman who lives in my GPS.
Even with the eternal highway construction, I got to Skillet with minimal getting lost, which is always a happy occasion for me. I found a parking space exactly in front of the tiny restaurant and all seemed to be going well. Then I went to put my GPS into my purse and noticed that my wallet was not in there to keep it company. Uh oh. I had driven to a part of Columbus I could only identify as "near German Village," twenty minutes on the highways, all without my driver's license and now, had arrived at brunch with no way to pay for it.
I happened to have ten dollars in emergency cash, but knew from perusing the menu that would limit my options somewhat. However, Karla arrived minutes later and reassured me that she could handle this and I could get our next meal. Hooray for friends! Now, on to the food:

What We Ordered:
Karla - Heirloom tomato tart with an arugula salad, side of elote, coffee
Jordan - Chicken gravy and eggs over biscuits, side of bacon, coffee

Photographic Evidence:
Karla and I and our delicious brunch at Skillet. (Photo of me by Karla)

Verdict of the Noms:
It sounds cheesey to say this, but everything was awesome. Karla was super excited about the elote (AKA Mexican street corn, if you are like me and didn't know what that was) and the biscuits under my chicken gravy were seriously the lightest, fluffiest, butteriest biscuits I have ever had in my life.  I tried some of Karla's tomato tart which probably couldn't have been better, and we both agreed on the deliciousness of the bacon (not pictured above, but it looked like bacon).

Final Words:
I would absolutely, definitely recommend you try Skillet. The restaurant is super tiny, so get there early and/or be prepared to wait outside for a table. I know I will certainly be back in the near future, maybe for lunch next time to see what other deliciousness I can find there. Oh, and take a friend, especially if you might forget your wallet, and/or because you'll want to try whatever they order too.


To be continued: I was actually lucky enough to try three new food places that Saturday, so check back for my review of two of the many Columbus food trucks!


  1. I agree...we need to try their lunch...also, thanks for making me reconsider my thoughts about making a late lunch...now I want to go to Skillet :)

  2. You must talk about all the food trucks! I keep hearing advertisements for the food truck festival happening this coming weekend - you should check it out and report back! Related: bring me some food, because I'll be at work. <3

    Looks awesome! Would love to try this out sometime with you!