Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick Update: Jordan Makes T-Shirts

Hey friends! Remember that time I was internet-famous for a day? Well maybe it's a little belated, but I made a shirt. Also, in the quest for more Star Wars shirts for girls/ladies, I made a shirt.

I'm pretty psyched about this shopfront. It's ridiculous how much it feels like all these random designs I have sitting around were just waiting for something like this to come along. I have sold one shirt so far and I was super excited about it. :) Plus, I have no idea who bought it! Was it one of my friends? Was it a random person in a totally different state or country? I don't know!

If you want to follow me on TeePublic, please do. I have a random assortment of other shirt ideas stewing already (Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, the Gadsden flag, etc.) so there will be more soon!

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