Monday, April 1, 2013

Food: Cheesecake Dippers

Let's say it's Friday afternoon and your friends are having a party later. Your only instructions were, "bring some food." You don't have time to cook/bake/etc, so what do you do?! Well people, I have your answer: I call them Cheesecake Dippers (as of just now, when I needed something to call them.)

Philadelphia makes this Cheesecake Filling which is actually pretty delicious! Pick up a tub of that at your grocery store and a couple kinds of Graham crackers for dipping. As you can see, I still enjoy Teddy Grahams. I also grabbed a couple kinds of berries to go with them. After I left the store, it occurred to me that I should've gotten some mini chocolate chips too. Nom nom.

My favorite combination was the regular graham sticks and raspberries. But since there are about a million kinds of cheesecake, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Caramel sauce and chopped pecans? Oreos and hot fudge? I have to stop suggesting things now because I'm getting hungry. So there you go: a quick and easy dessert for all your last-minute party needs!

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