Friday, March 16, 2012

Draggin' My Shoes, Please

Conversation with my boyfriend from today, via text message.

Me: Are you sad that I might go get Vibrams without you?

Justin: Nope cuz I have some.

Me: But mine will be prettier.

Justin: I don't do pretty. I do black.

Me: But mine will be prettier AND made of dragonhide.

Justin: Now I'm sad. Link me a picture.


Justin: It's nice.

Me: Can you read it or is the text too small?

Justin: Yep I can see. 

Me: And you laughed uproariously because I'm so hilarious?

Justin: Oh you did that?

Me: No, it's real. I'm just generally hilarious and you should be laughing about that.

Justin: Well I am.

Me: Good.

Disclaimer: No dragons were harmed in the making of this post. Or those shoes. Probably. I don't work for Vibram.

--- Later the same day, while in the throes of procrastination ---

Me: I just sent one of my college friends a message reminding him that I hate him. It's like I'm drunk, but really I've just leveled up to super-procrastinator.

Justin: Why that's pretty uncharacteristic of you.

Me: Not with Kyle. He's my arch-nemesis.

Justin: Why?

Me: Because I hate him. That's how archnemesisness works. Ask Batman.

Justin: Why do you hate him?

Me: Today, because of his mustache. Why are you pretending this makes any sense and not telling me to go do my other job?

Me: I'm blogging about how I don't know why you talk to me.

Justin: Do your work!

Me: Smooches?

Fun Fact: Some days I don't know why Justin talks to me. Or why anyone does for that matter. Probably because I'm made of awesome.

Other Fun Facts: I think I've been reading too many The Bloggess archives lately; I've been really sarcastic all day and now I'm writing a post about weird conversations I had with my boyfriend. Or maybe because this was one of the longest weeks ever at work and I have more stuff to do before I go to bed and I have to wait until tomorrow to have some Guinness. I saw a mosquito today. Eff that crap. Also, the toilet-scented bar across from my house has started their game of 'guess which song our band is butchering' early thanks to the nice weather. (It's "Sweet Child of Mine" right now, unfortunately.) Also, I don't want to do any of the several things I'm supposed to be doing. Also, I bought blue FiveFingers, not the pink ones in the picture. Still made of dragonhide though. Just the blue kind of dragons. Also, I overuse the word "also" pretty much all the time.

That's about enough of this. Thanks for stopping by!

(I have no idea about this song. I'm going to go with "Only Drunk People Will Cheer For This" by Nickelback.)

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  1. "toilet scented bar," haaaaaaaa.